Social Distancing Products For Advertising Brands in COVID Times

If you want to maintain social distancing outside your shop premises, then you must choose footprint ground stencil which is not only cost-effective but also a good way to promote your business. Kaizen Print offers a reusable footprint stencil which is getting popular as a social distancing product among several businesses. It has been cut from a 1 mm Foamex board; therefore, it is lightweight and can be easily placed in the ground. It is an effective way to mark out a huge area for social distancing. 

We also offer several other products for brands to promote their names by maintaining social distancing. One such product is roller banner printing. Printing ads, messages, or graphics on a roller banner and then using it on roller banner stand could be a good way to promote your business services/products. We offer different sized roller banner designing as well as printing at pocket-friendly rates. We can assure you that this printing product will definitely work as a fantastic advertising entity.

Apart from this, we have several other advertising products that will prove useful at COVID times.  These include Safety Screens, Social Distancing Floor Stickers, Social Distancing Site Signage, Social Distance Badge, Outdoor A-Board - Social Distancing, Portable Sneeze Guards – Perspex, PVC Banners & Outdoor A-frame, Social Distancing Window Stickers and Sanitisation Station.

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